Jaybod for your business & personal.

Organize your Content. Simplify your Life 👋🏻

Don’t search through all your apps, devices, and hard drives to find one file. Save all your content—like photos, personal files, in one safe place.

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Drive your creativity — from idea to delivery.

Create a connected workspace for storage to bring your teams, content, and tools together.

A collaborative workspace, built for your storage 🔖

Bring your tools, content, and people together to work how they want on a secure platform.

Simplify content collaboration
Collaborate in Office files without the need to convert file formats, and edit and store over 100 additional file types.
Work together from anywhere
Wherever you are on location, in the studio, on the road—work remotely with teams around the world in real time.
Preview large image, video, and etc
Use Jaybod as a file viewer to preview, comment on and share more than 175 file types.

Manage all your content
securely online.

Jaybod is equipped with enterprise-grade security, with
encryption of documents in transit and at rest.

Take a quick trip down
memory lane.

Feeling nostalgic for a favorite files spot? Flip through trip pics anytime! Store photos from smartphones, digital cameras, and even film—all together in Jaybod.

Recover your files
with blink of an eyes .

No need to worry about how to use it! You can easily
drag and drop it like playing a game.

  • Delete & recovery easily
  • Recovery files within 30 days

Get more space and powerful features 🎯

We have several powerful plan to showcase your business and get discovered as a creative entrepreneurs. Everything you need.

Start today - it's easy.
  • Up to 5GB of storage
  • Organization-wide collaboration
  • Integrated desktop experience
  • Built-in integrations with Office
  • Secure file sharing
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Shared folders and links